Soccer Fusion childcare programs are designed for children aged 3-7. We create different exercises with the intention of helping the kids to improve theirs basic skills through soccer discovery learning.

The program is based on a combination of funny games where they can have a first contact with soccer. At this stage, we recognise the importance of working on motor development, balance, agility and coordination while having a lot of fun.

All our sessions as well as the materials are adapted to them in order to make them feel comfortable since their first contact with the sport. At the end of each session, there will be soccer games where the kids will be able to put into practice all the skills learnt during the program.

In this 10 weeks program Soccer Fusion tries to make a coherent transition to advanced technical soccer skills and more challenging games based on realistic soccer circumstances. At this stage, Soccer Fusion Academy is a really good preparation to those who want to be involved in more competitive situations.

We take into account when is the maximum exponential time of efficiency given the age, growth and motor development. Our idea is to create clever players who are able to be self sufficient and independent on the field focusing on:

  • Physical development 
  • Motor development
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional development





Soccer Fusion brings the opportunity to join the Australian and Spanish soccer beyond the borders, with a high quality program for schools and soccer clubs. This fantastic international program encourages everyone to have an unforgettable interpersonal and soccer experience with activities such as soccer tournaments, cultural events, days of living or language exchange.

In our company we recognise the value of promoting an integral education through practicing sports, furthermore it is essential to us to motivate every child to have a healthy life while having fun.

During school holidays our company offers quality training in which every player can have a lot of fun while doing something healthy. The most qualified coaches will lead the clinics in order to share a great Spanish soccer experience where this sport is lived with a big passion.

At soccer Fusion we do care about players progression. Our staff will individually evaluate technical and tactical skills and every player will be given an IPA (Independent Professional Analysis).

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We offer the possibility to provide individual lessons in small groups in order to individually improve all the soccer skills. The learning is quicker when the coaches can better focus on each player.

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